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Namaste & warm welcome from Nepal Wildlife Safari ! Nepal offer endowed with rich and varied biodiversity, Paradise for those enthusiastic of mountain, forest, wildlife and culture Altitudinal variances in short distance give Nepal's biogeography variety that range from lush moist forests and sparse alpine deserts to luxurious grasslands in lowland Terai. The mountainous country also shelters some of the world's most rare animal such as snow leopard, rhinoceros, Arna,Bengal Tiger,sloth bear. Long isolated from the rest of the world, the kingdom of Nepal is a sportsman's paradise also. The breathtaking Himalayas of Nepal offer some of the finest high mountain hunting in the world. To the delight of international sheep hunters, hunting in Nepal resumed in 2008 after a 5-year hiatus. We have hunted in this amazing country over 40 years and were happy to again return. Our partners originally opened sport hunting here so many years ago and the family continues its fine heritage. We offer a 13-14 day Himalayan Blue Sheep only hunt or a 16-17 day Himalayan Blue Sheep & Himalayan Tahr hunt. We also have very limited permits for indigenous Himalayan Tahr hunts only. Barking Deer (Muntjac) and Wild Boar can also be hunted, if available in your hunting area. Serow and Ghoral may also be in your area, but they are on Appendix I of CITES and cannot be hunted. Hunting in Nepal is considered by many international hunters as being the finest mountain hunting experience in the world.

Wildlife Tours Packages:

Himalaya Tahr Hunt
Three types of Tahr categorized in the world. These are Himalayan Tahr, Nilgiri Tahr & Arabian Tahr.The Himalayan Tahr has a small head, large eyes, and pointed small ears. Their hooves are well adapted to climbing rocks, mountains, and hills and their hooves have a special adaptation that has a rubber-like core that is flexible which lets them grab onto smooth...
Combo hunt
When you decide hunting in Nepal, you can hut at same time Blue Sheep and Himalayan Tahr.This hunt ca be done combining with different block. High effort required, some block number of sheep is high but some block number of tahr is high...
Blue Sheep Hunt
Blue Sheep Hunt hunt offer you unique opportunity to acclimatize smoothly getting high thorough villages, river, stream and field. It is also opportunity to save high amount of Helicopter Charges. If you feel expensive of helicopter, it will be right choice. You enjoy hunting with trekking together. Only things is you have to manage more days...
Mt. Everest Basecamp & Sherpa Culture
A Trek to Mt .Everest Base Camp Nepal Side, offers a unique opportunity to explore Sherpa culture, world tallest Mountain View, glaciers, flora and fauna. The area consist richest diversity of nature. It is listed in the UNESCO Natural world heritage sites, Home of Sherpa Peoples and Stunning Mountain Views, the Khumbu region boasts some of the most extraordinary high mountain scenery on earth...
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